The most affordable menu system.

Credit card is not needed to sign up. Merry Menu was started during the COVID pandemic timeframe. We saw many restaurants struggling as they did not have an online menu system. Our main goal is to make the menu system affordable to all restaurants and shops that need a menu system.

blog $9.99/month

Premium Menu/CMS

Unlimited usage on mobile, tablets and computers with advanced menu options. Create menu lists using menu options, use themes for consistent look and feel. Full compatibility with tablets and mobile devices. Fully customizable backgrounds, colors, font size, option images etc.
With this plan you can also use the built-in JSON APIs to create your own custom UI. * View sample menu.
15 days free to try out!

blog $4.99/month/screen

Digital Signage

This is additional to the premium plan if you like to use the menus and signage content on digital signage screens as given in the picture above.
You can also use the menus, images, and media playlists on large digital signage screens with the Android based digital signage software. Please note that you will need an Android HDMI player to play the Android app. You can buy it from anywhere, or from us, for $70.
15 days free to try out!

Contact us if have questions.