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Keema Potli


1 cup of flour (maida)
2 tblspns of semolina (rawa)
Salt to taste
¼ cup of ghee
3 green chillies
2 tblspns of oil to fry
1 tspn of cumin seeds
400 gms of minced mutton (keema)


Knead together maida, rawa (suji), salt and ghee with warm water to make a stiff dough. Keep covered for 30 minutes. Divide the dough into 20 balls.

Chop green chillies finely. Keep aside. Heat two tblspns of oil in a kadai and add cumin seeds. When they start crackling, add keema and sauté till half cooked. Add a little water if required.

Add chopped ginger, green chillies, red chilli powder, coriander and cumin powders and salt and mix well. Cover and cook on low heat for 15 minutes. Add yogurt and cook on high flame for ten minutes, stirring continuously. Cook till the keema is fully cooked and completely dry.

Sprinkle garam masala and coriander leaves and mix well. Cool. Divide into twenty portions.

Roll the dough balls into small puris (three inch diameter). Place the keema portions in the centre. Apply a little water on the areas a little away from the edges and shape like a potli or modak. Seal by pressing them.

Deep fry in medium hot oil till golden brown. Serve with a chutney of your preference.